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Refrigerator, 400 liters, 1 door

Refrigerator, 400 liters, 1 door

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Product description

Energy class: D.
Refrigerant R600a.
Included: 3 grids (472×435 mm).
4 adjustable stainless steel feet.

Made of stainless steel (food-grade), inside and outside AISI 441 (rear in treated steel, grey color), monocoque frame.
Racks and guides in stainless steel (anti-tipping), allowing to position the grids as desired.
Stamped inner bottom and rounded corners and angles (without asperities).
Door with ergonomic handle (not protruding) and reversible (predisposition for key lock), closing assured by magnetic seal (easy replacement, without tools).
Hinges with 100° stop, closing with automatic return.
Micro-switch device, allowing the evaporator fan to be stopped when the door is opened.
Top panel for access to the compressor unit, hinged, easy to inspect.
Electronic controller (under closed box, waterproof), front control panel with red LED.
Evaporator plate, placed on the back (completely hidden, not visible), coupled with a fan and perforated stainless steel deflectors, which are the guarantee of a homogeneous cold distribution.
Automatic defrosting, number of defrostings factory program (can be modified at will) lower condensate collection tray.
Compressor unit climatic class 4 (30°C temperature – 55% humidity), ventilated condenser.
60mm expanded polyurethane insulation, CFC-free.
Stainless steel feet, adjustable.
Unit built in compliance with all the standards (CE) in force.
1. A very important storage capacity (thanks to its evaporator placed at the back) an “innovative” system of small dimensions, ideal for all activities, constraints has very reduced spaces.
2. Easy working thanks to the hinges with 100° stop and door closing with automatic return.
3. Electronic regulator (under closed box, watertight).

  • mm (L x W x H) 620 x 620 x 1910
  • kW 0.42
  • Weight 106 kg
  • Voltage 230/1N 50HZ
  • T° 0°+8°
  • Volume m3 0.87 m3

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