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Dishwasher basket 500x500mm"Full Hygiene"

Dishwasher basket 500x500mm"Full Hygiene"

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Product description


  • Height of plates load Ø 365 mm (height glasses 325 mm).
  • From 30 to 20 baskets/hour, PLD cycle 120'', 180'', continuously and ''Sanitisation''.
  • 3 phases: wash, unload, rinse.
  • Standard discharge pump.
  • Standard rinse pump (atmospheric boiler).

  • Realization :entirely in stainless steel AISI 304.
  • Rotating washing and rinsing arms (upper and lower) (made of composite material).
  • Self-cleaning nozzles.
  • Tank (20 lt - 2,1 kW) with rounded edges, "deep-drawn" bottom.
  • Stamped basket slides, no roughness and no limestone incrustation.
  • Integral" vat filter (made of composit material).
  • Patented" pump filter to keep the washing water longer and at the right temperature.
  • Stamped double-walled door, removable door seal, stamped handle.
  • Adjustable cylinders.
  • Removable control panel for easy after-sales service.
  • Automatic water discharge function integrated in the control panel (no need to remove the bung manually).
  • Automatic filling of the tank.
  • Non-return valve.
  • Hot water rinse (water consumption per cycle 2.4 liters), stainless steel boiler (6 lt - 4.9 kW).
  • Possibility to regulate the temperature of the tank and the boiler.
  • High efficiency washing pump (double flow) guaranteeing significant energy savings. Microswitch to stop the cycle when the door is opened.
  • Safety thermostat.
  • Included: 2 baskets, 1 cup, water connection and drain hoses.


  • "Peristaltic" dispenser of rinse product and "peristaltic" liquid detergent dispenser supplied as standard.
  • CSD Digital control panel (soft touch).
  • EED energy saver.
  • TCD Device which permits to rinse at 85°C.
  • DRD Accelerated preheating phase.
  • DID Auto diagnostic in case of failure.
  • ADD Temperature display of the tank and boiler (HACCP standards).
  • DDD partial tank emptying, bottom discharge of the tank.
  • CID Door with automatic closure "soft contact" (partial opening for steam removal).
  • RGD Rinse at constant temperature, stable pressure.
  • BDT "Break tank" anti-pollution device AB type.
  • CAD self-cleaning cycle (100% automatic).
  • NB: The machines are guaranteed for use with "osmosis" water.

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