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Pizzaoven 6 pizzas, 1 chamber

Pizzaoven 6 pizzas, 1 chamber

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Product description


- chamber: 900x900x150 mm, 6 pizzas diam. 350 mm
-"Oura" for the evacuation of vapors.

- RUSTIC" facade aesthetics, made of high-temperature painted steel, frame in lacquered sheet metal.
- Rock wool insulation, thick thickness.
- Chamber with upper arch in stainless steel, preventing the heat from escaping when the door is opened.
- Chamber made of galvanized steel, the floor is in "special" refractory material.
- Door with porthole in "safety" glass, athermic handle.
- Interior lighting "high T° 500°C".
- Heating by electric resistances, armoured, positioned under the floor and on the vault of the chamber, regulation by thermostat (50 to 450°C), analogue thermometer and safety thermostat as standard.
- The appliance is built in compliance with current EC standards.


- Chamber with upper arch, in stainless steel (except E3F/24R), preventing the heat from escaping, at the opening of the wicket door.

  • mm (L x W x H)990 x 1270 x 380
  • kW 7,3
  • Weight 115 kg
  • Voltage400-230/3N 50-60Hz
  • Volume m30.74 m3

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