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Fryer 8 litres

Fryer 8 litres

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Product description


- Standard with electric switch.
- Useful capacity of the tank (+/- 7 liters).
- Basket dimensions 220x190xh110mm.

- Designed in stainless steel, fitted with 2 lateral and thermal handles.
- Stainless steel baskets ("strengthened") with thermal handle.
- Stainless steel tank AISI 304, fitted with a lid.
- Drain tap, equipped with a safety device.
- Shielded element heating "treated" and immersed in the tank.
- Cold area: no carbonization of the wastes, no taste transmission.
-Thermostat from 0° to 180°C, safety thermostat as well, wires of the bulbs fitted with a protection.
- Easy cleaning: adjustable control casing (fitted with a micro-switch), the elements can be dismantled and washed in machine.
- Appliances are complied with the CE in force

  • mm (L x W x H)290 x 450 x 320
  • kW3.5
  • Weight6 kg
  • Voltage230/1N 50-60Hz
  • Volume m30.05 m3

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