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Vegetable cutter

Vegetable cutter

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Product description


  • Made of anodized aluminum alloy (food grade) and stainless steel, removable top cover, easy maintenance
  • Digital controls
  • Ventilated motor
  • Optimal product evacuation, thanks to its inclined design, delivered with 2 expeller discs, 1 "top" and 1 "bottom".
  • Continuous power supply, easy to work with, high safety guaranteed by micro switches on the lever and on the upper cover
  • 24V low voltage controls, protection class (IP54), NVR (No-Voltage Release) avoiding any involuntary start-up
  • The device is built in compliance with the current (CE) and (RoHS) regulations
  • NB Wide choice of disks for various applications
  • NB: other disks on request.


ADVANTAGE: Device designed for medium productions (no continuous use), easy maintenance, having the upper part that can be completely detached (without tools

  • mm (L x W x H)240 x 410 x 600
  • kW0.38
  • Weight21 kg
  • Voltage230/1N 50HZ
  • Hp0.51
  • Volume m30.11 m3

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