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Dinerbot T8 service robot

Dinerbot T8 service robot

Product description

The Dinerbot T8 model is particularly suitable for medium quantities and limited space. It offers space for up to 20 kg of payload on 3 shelves and can also be used in cramped conditions. Thanks to its special design, it can maneuver in the tightest spaces and can cope with passage widths from 55 cm.

The use of service robots in the catering industry has developed into an international trend that is becoming increasingly important both in Germany and in other countries. It is important to use their advantages in the catering industry. Service robots are also increasingly being used in communal catering and provide optimal support in geriatric care and hospitals.


Service robots offer valuable assistance to employees in the catering industry. You may perform repetitive and physically demanding tasks such as serving food and drinks and clearing tables. This frees up staff and allows them to focus on more demanding tasks, such as personally caring for guests and providing personalized service.


Service robots in the catering industry also offer numerous advantages for guests. They enable faster and more efficient operation. Even if there are few staff, the usual opening hours can be maintained. The robots take over the legwork and the service staff have more time for the guests.

  • Device typeService robot
  • Product groupG
  • Manufacturer identificationT8 Laser - Dinerbot
  • External dimensions:Width480mm ​
  • depth590mm ​
  • Height1166mm ​
  • Number of drawers3
  • ProgrammableYes
  • Touch screenYes
  • Start time delayYes
  • steeringElectronic
  • Outer material

    Painted white

  • Electrical connection value0.035kW ​
  • Tension230 volts
  • Gross weight38kg

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