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Electric griddle plate, enameled surface

Electric griddle plate, enameled surface

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Product description


- Cooking surface: 600x400 mm (2 independent areas).

. Steel plate (thickness 10 mm) with alimentary enamel coated (NF 12983-1), for a direct temperature transfer.
. Perfectly homogenous cooking without any loss of heat thanks to the Incoloy, quick temperature raising until 300°C.
. Easy cleaning thanks to removable drip tray, to the mirror smooth plate and to the scraper.
. Stainless steel construction and reinforced insulation.
. Electric versions : Incoloy heating element(s), on/off switche(s), thermostat(s) 0-300°C, pilot lights.
. Delivered in LPG with a set of NG injectors.
. CE approval.


Info: enamelled griddle plate (EASY COOKING coated: Patented), to cook meat, bacon, fish, hamburgers, sausages, onions... and also for fried eggs and omelettes… Healthy and quick cooking with the mirror smooth plate for a direct temperature transfer - without reduction, retaining all the juice and vitamins. With flat bottom plate (grooved top plate) for omelettes, fried eggs, savoury pancakes, artic bread, blinis, wraps.

  • (W x D x H) mm600 x 450 x 190
  • kW6
  • Voltage2x230/1N 50-60Hz
  • gross Weight (Kg)29

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