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Warm water dispenser 10 Lit

Warm water dispenser 10 Lit

818,00 €

Product description


  • Stainless steel interior and exterior construction.
  • Hourly production: 25 litres/hour.
  • Tank capacity: 10 litres.
  • Automatic filling, direct connection to the water network (with an overflow device).
  • Temperature electronically adjustable by THERMOPID (80 - 98ºC).
  • Tank with double probe to avoid dry heating
  • With service valve, athermic
  • Lower shelf with removable upper grid, all made of stainless steel, easy to maintain
  • Main switch On/Off, with indicator light
  • Electric resistance heating
  • Automatic water level control
  • Indication of water filling and heating by indicator light.
  • Indication of the water at the set temperature by means of an indicator light.
  • Visual alarm for lack of water in the tank
  • 4 lower feet in ABS
  • The device is built in compliance with the current CE standards.


Diamond hot water distributors are very easy to use, high quality construction, ergonomic, durable and easy to maintain. Machines with automatic filling. Quick response during filling and heating in situations of high hot water consumption.

  • (W x D x H) mm 248 x 303(503) x 593
  • kW 3
  • Voltage 230/1N 50-60Hz
  • gross Weight (Kg)14
  • Volume (m³)0.09

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