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Convection oven, 10x GN 1/1, automatic humidifier

Convection oven, 10x GN 1/1, automatic humidifier

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Product description


  • Oven "CROSSWISE" loading plates GN 1/1.
  • Laterale structure on 60mm "anti tilting".

  • Manufacture: interior in stainless steel AISI 304 and exterior in stainless steel AISI 430, thermal insulation in ceramic fibre.
  • Cooking room : entirely welded, rounded angles and corners. Seal placed on the front of the cooking room. Stamped bottom which collect condensation to the draining system. Plate carrying structure, easily removable. Heat circulators easy to dismantle. (Adjustable) vent valve widely sized. Lateral lighting.
  • Door : ergonomic and athermal handle, automatic closing. Micro switch to stop the fan while opening the door.
  • Humidifier : automatic moisturizing.
  • Electric heating : armoured resistances in stainless steel, placed behind the fan quarter lights.
  • Control panel : frontal access, easy and quick maintenance for the after-sales service. Perfectly watertight "IPX5". With a selector of moisturizing degree, thermostat from 30 to 300°C, timer from 1 to 120 min.
  • Delivered without grids.



  • Convection allows a homogeneous and quicker cooking than traditional ovens.
    No more waiting, convection ovens allow the cooking of different plates at the same time without mixing the flavours. Thanks to the humidifier, your meat will not dry out, they will conserve all their flavours and softness.
  • Automatic humidifier (30% saturation), with 6 humidification levels of regulation.
  • Core probe (On request).
  • mm (L x W x H) 890 x 900 x 970/1020
  • kW 17.3
  • Weight 140 kg
  • Voltage400/3N 50Hz
  • Volume m31.2 m3

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