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Gas pizza oven

Gas pizza oven

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Product description


  • Stainless steel chamber, refractory stone base, thick rock wool insulation
  • "Oura" for the evacuation of smoke and steam
  • Double recessed interior lighting "high T°".
  • Door return by spring, stainless steel handle on the whole length of the door, "panoramic" safety glass window lined with a protective glass against heat, ceramic fiberglass seal
  • Electronic valve control with spark plug and safety devices
  • Stainless steel arch to prevent temperature drop when opening the door
  • Safety thermostat as standard
  • Independent" and extractable control panel with double digital display (selected and real T°), easy service, cooling fan.
  • The device is built in compliance with the CE standards in force.



  • Oven combining performance and savings
  • Control panel with sensitive keys, electronic thermostat regulation (450°C), digital display
  • Gas heating, the bottom is brought to temperature by "conduction" thanks to stainless steel heat exchangers, fed by 4 burners, placed in the combustion chamber, the chamber itself is heated by "convection
  • Heat recuperator, unique device allowing energy savings by exploiting the heat accumulated under the hearth

4 pizza

  • mm (L x W x H)1230 x 1120 x 760
  • Weight176 kg
  • Voltage230/1N 50HZ
  • Kcal12898
  • Volume m31.1 m
  • Chamber: 720x720xh185 mm (15 kW), 4 pizzas diam. 350 mm (or) 1 pizza diam. 500 mm

6 pizza 

  • mm (L x W x H)1230 x 1480 x 760
  • Weight219 kg
  • Voltage230/1N 50HZ
  • Kcal15907
  • Volume m31.4 m3
  • Chamber: 1080x720xh185 mm (18,5 kW), 6 pizzas diam. 350 mm (or) 2 pizzas diam. 500 mm

9 pizza 

  • mm (L x W x H)1590 x 1480 x 760
  • Weight271 kg
  • Voltage230/1N 50HZ
  • Kcal21066
  • Volume m31.8 m3
  • Chamber: 1080x1080xh185 mm (24,5 kW), 9 pizzas diam. 350 mm (or) 4 pizzas diam. 500 mm

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