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Oven direct steam and convection, 6x GN 1/1+Cleaning

Oven direct steam and convection, 6x GN 1/1+Cleaning

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Product description


  • Oven "LENGTHWISE" payload plates GN 1/3, 1/2, 2/3 and 1/1.
  • Load capacity 30Kg.
  • Lateral structures less than 65 mm "anti-tipping".
  • Core temperature probe.
  • Structure (Dx & Gx) 600x400 EURONORM (on request ref. AC/SE...)
  • NB: delivered without grids and without GN plates.

  • Internal and external construction in AISI 304 stainless steel, thermal insulation in ceramic fibre, control panel equipped with a stainless steel filter, preventing clogging of components (ventilated panel), stainless steel feet. Cooking chamber: fully welded, corners and rounded corners. Seal fixed on the front face of the cooking chamber. Double stamped bottom that separates the condensation of grease to the discharge. Easily removable plate holder structure. Easily removable heat diffusers. Oura motorized largely dimensioned allowing all cooking. Grease filter by fan.
  • Double glazed door: ergonomic and athermic handle, automatic closing with safety to prevent accidental opening, condensation recuperator integrated in the door, interior glass mounted on hinges, making cleaning easier and guaranteeing perfect hygiene. Air circulation between the windows ensures better thermal insulation. Microswitch for stopping the fan when opening. Side LED lighting for a global view of the area. Electric heating: by circular stainless steel armoured resistors placed behind the fan deflectors, steam by nebulizer. Control panel (Thermostat from 25° to 300°C. Timer from 1 min to 8 h,....) with digital display: front accessibility, ease and speed for after-sales service, protection class IPx5 (against water jets with a lance)


PLUS Version C :

  • Direct injection steam (90% saturation)
  • Touch-sensitive "digital display" controls
  • 11 levels of humidification, cooking in 2 different phases (choice of 2 different types of successive cooking).
  • Memory (pre-programmable) for 100 recipes, cooking in 4 different phases (choice of 4 different types of successive cooking).
  • 5 speed controls
  • Core probe (1 sensor)
  • Automatic pre-heating and rapid cooling of the cooking chamber (CCRR)
  • "AUTO-CLEANING" integrated automatic cleaning device (CCNA), 4 different cycles to choose from.


  • Convection of 25° to 300°C.
  • Steam 100°C.
  • Mixed convection/steam from 25° to 250°C.
  • Regeneration and maintaining temperature from 25° to 250°C.
  • mm (L x W x H) 867 x 850 x 808
  • kW 11
  • Weight 137 kg
  • Voltage 400/3N 50-60Hz
  • Volume m3 1 m3

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