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Oven TOUCH SCREEN steam/convection, 10x GN 1/1 - AUTO-CLEANING

Oven TOUCH SCREEN steam/convection, 10x GN 1/1 - AUTO-CLEANING

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Product description


  • Control panel TOUCH SCREEN
  • Integrated washing system AUTO-CLEANING
  • LENGTHWISE" oven for loading GN 1/3, 1/2, 2/3 and 1/1 plates.
  • Standard supplied with 2 GN 1/1 grid.
  • Compact ovens with a small footprint.
  • Direct steam by "nebulization".
  • Convection heating: by stainless steel armoured resistors placed behind the turbine deflector.
  • Turbine(s) with "Autoreverse" device.
  • Depth loading, 67 mm spacing.
  • Hinged turbine deflector, easy maintenance. Easy after-sales service, access to controls from the side part.
  • Chamber made of AISI 304 stainless steel, rounded corners, predisposed for grease filter.
  • Integrated condensate collection tray (on the door), directly connected to the discharge.
  • Halogen light.
  • Door with double thermal glass, hinged inner glass, easy cleaning, athermic and ergonomic handle.
  • Magnetic door switch.
  • Steam condenser for condensate discharge as standard.
  • "Releasing valve" for smoke evacuation - cooking vapours.
  • AUTOCLEANING, with dosing pump for washing fluid and dosing pump for rinsing fluid.
  • Made of AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • Manufactured in line with the standards (CE) in force.


  • TOUCH SCREEN" controls 4.3" touch screen, high definition color, allowing the user to customize all the main functions of the oven.
  • Standard "USB" port (positioned on the front panel)
  • 150 recipes stored and possibility to store 150 other programs, possibility of 6 phases to choose from, all programmable as desired.
  • 10 specific regeneration programs
  • Core probe, with DELTA-T
  • "Cook & Hold" function for temperature maintenance after firing
  • Self-diagnostic device
  • Automatic furnace preheating
  • Delayed, programmable ignition
  • Double speed with "Auto-reverse".

Convection (hot forced air) 20°/270°C - Steam 20°/100°C - Combination convection/steam 20°/270°C - Cook & hold 50°C.

  • mm (L x W x H)710 x 770 x 940
  • kW12
  • Weight130 kg
  • Voltage400-230/3N 50-60Hz
  • Volume m30.72 m3

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