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Refrigerated display for sushi, double perforated bottom

Refrigerated display for sushi, double perforated bottom

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Product description


  • Standard equipment: a double perforated bottom where to place the sushis.
  • Stainless steel construction (Austenitic - Food) and anodized aluminum finishing.
  • Sliding back doors in glass, front window in "toughened glass", curved.
  • Drain for the condensate.
  • Regulation by electronic thermostat (digital).
  • Lighting by "LED".
  • Built-in group (Energy Class 4), quiet, ventilated condenser.
  • Copper evaporator "serpentine" below the tank, also an upper fin evaporator (hidden), refrigerant gas R600a.
  • Adjustable feet.


  • Refrigeration "DOUBLE STATIC" double evaporator, ensuring cold from uniform across the surface (of the top and bottom at the same time), with a range of T° -1° to +2°C.
  • They are specifically designed for the display and preservation of sushi, mainly consisting of raw fish, hence the importance of their conservation.
  • mm (L x W x H) 1380 / 1730 x 415 x 270
  • kW 0.12
  • Weigh t34 kg
  • Voltage 230/1N 50HZ
  • -1°+4°
  • Volume m3 0.15 m3

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